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“A resource that helps families across America plan for and deal with the issues of aging.”

We believe that people are looking for two things when they come to see a lawyer. They are looking for someone that can solve their legal problem, and they are looking for an attorney that will take their case seriously. At the law offices of Graham Law LLC, we work to provide quality representation backed by a commitment to client service

With more than 87 years of combined legal experience among our attorneys, we serve businesses, families and residents in Madison County, and surrounding Georgia communities. We handle the kinds of cases that affect people every day. We are a strong part of the Madison County and northeast Georgia communities.

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The content of this site is for information only, and does not constitute legal advice. Graham Law Firm does not represent you unless you have a signed contract or engagement letter from the firm, or we have otherwise agreed to be your attorney. Every situation is unique you should always consult your attorney for legal advice to address your individual needs.